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Saturday, March 2, 2013

On Love and Fun

Me and my husband had the opportunity to go to Xavi's Valentine's Day Party last month as volunteers.  My, my, my yes it's March already.  Before this month is over let me tell you real quick the highlights of the party.  Taylor's mom came to me.  Now I've mentioned Taylor on this blog before she is the girl with the pink hairband on the picture.  Taylor's mom is a mom helper on the class so she interacts with the kids at school.  Anyways, she came to me and told me "Did you know Xavi and Taylor have a love thing going on?"  Yes I nodded, he won't stop talking about her at home I told her.  She nodded too "She won't stop talking about him either and mentions repeatedly that she likes him.  He is a good boy so I told her it's ok to like him".  That made me feel good... or not :/

Xavi is my baby boy!

The following week the kids had a whole week off school and we spent a couple of days in San Diego at my mom's.  On the ride there Sophia took a short video and I thought it was very hilarious, I was flipping the radio stations right before Sophia was ready to give her message.

I bet you didn't know I listen to Mexican country music and I bet you didn't know either that Sophia has a fan club.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend. 


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