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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Brick bookend tutorial

                  A housewife on a budget is well... 
                 simply that a housewife on a budget.
I wish I could go out and buy whatever I want but I can't.

In order to start fixing my desk and since the little drawer space was too small to fit most of the books I had to put the books at the very top.  I had no bookends.  So what did I do?  Do it myself bookends.

Materials needed:
two bricks
sheet of scrapbook paper ( my sheet was (12x12 in)
scissors if needed
glue gun

This is really a no brainer.  Just wrap like if you were wrapping a gift, instead of tape use the glue gun.  I am sure you can tell my paper was a tad bit too short in the back.  But I won't tell if you won't tell.  That will be our little secret.  You can also use fabric to wrap the bricks.

There you have it two wrapped bricks that function as bookends.

Some of these books are mine and some are my husband's.  I thought it was very funny to see the titles 'Life couching for dummies' and 'Aromatherapy for dummies'  I guess there are a lot of dummies in this house.


  1. Lol about your joke about dummies. Great idea about the bookends. You are so smart! :)

  2. Great idea Claudia!!! Those Dummies books are so fun to read and oh so helpful!

  3. I'm really enjoying your tutorials. You're so creative. Keep sharing, please. :)

  4. Like a dummy could have come up with such a creative fix! :-P Keep up the tutorials please, I'm loving them.

  5. Brilliant! I remember in university I made bookshelves with bricks and planks lol!


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