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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Guest post by Sophia

Today my daughter Sophia is writing a guest post.  She has some interesting things to say about peer pressure in school. I am so very proud of her because so far she's known how to manage it.


Hello, My Name Is Sophia. I am an eleven year old. I am in fifth grade. I am Claudia's daughter. I would like to tell you about my life at school.

There is peer-pressure to fit in. Every girl wants to talk, act, and be the prettiest of all of them. I am not part of them though, I absolutely love myself the way I am.

There is always a girl on top of all of us. They call her The Queen Bee. I believe her friends are just little slaves to her. Now readers, she was cruel and nasty to everyone now let me tell you how it happened.

First, The Queen Bee came in the classroom when I was in third grade. I was a bit insecure back then when I met her and she wanted to take advantage of me, but I still didn't let it  happen. We became great friends, but I knew who she hung out with, so I still wasn't sure if I wanted to be one of her best friends. A new girl came in class one day. She looked sweet and kind. The teacher told me to teach her how to fit in. I tried, but I wasn't the most popular girl then. The Queen Bee came up to me one day and asked me if I wanted to be in her club. But I was already best friends with the new girl. I refused to be her best friend, 1. I already had a best friend and I couldn't just leave her. 2. I knew what she turned her best friends into; mini little princesses. So I said no. The Queen Bee got mad at me. She told me I was just wasting my friendship with another girl when I could be in her group. I still said no. I kept loyal to MY friend. She told me that if I am not her best friend she will tell everyone my secrets. Right then I learned that she DID take advantage. But I still didn't care. I told her, "Go ahead, tell everyone my secrets, but what difference is it going to make since I will never be in your group." I stood with my head held high and walked away. Of course, she told everyone my secrets. But good thing I did not tell her all of them. She also banned me from her table, friends, and school. She told everyone to stop talking to me, but my best friend still hung out with me, even though no one liked me. I got new friends later on and didn't try to win her back like everyone did. I sat with my new friends and realized that it was much funner not caring about what anyone thinks. I was happy with what I had. :) ...


  1. Good for you Sophia! Keep on believing in yourself and in doing what is right and you can continue holding your head up proudly.

  2. Nice work Sophia! Girls like that are sad. Most likely she is insecure and not happy with who she is. Keep that self esteem up and you will go far in life and have real friends!

    1. Thank you very much Miss Val. That is very true. ;)

  3. Sophia, thank you so much for sharing. Being loyal to those close to you is a wonderful way to live your life. Hugs to you from Maya and me!

    1. Thank you. I love that you liked it. Say hi to Maya for me. <3


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