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Monday, September 24, 2012

Letter to my younger self.

Dear Claudia:

I really cannot complain I had a beautiful childhood.  I had my parents together a roof over our head and food on our table.  What else could I have asked for?  Maybe I could but I never did.  I was a happy child and content with what I had.  I shared good and bad times with my two brothers older and younger.  Time that I now cherish.  I won't lie either I remember fighting a lot and them giving me a hard time while I was playing barbies.   I remember I never had a bike of my own (insert a sad face here)while they took theirs apart and build 'new ones'.  One thing I know, being the only girl was great! (Cristina my baby sister came along when I was 13) Me and my mom used to go downtown every Saturday to buy yarn, new fabrics or whatever material needed for our projects.  Then we spent the rest of the weekend working on them.  I only wish I would have picked up some gardening tips from her.

Being the only girl and the middle child wasn't easy at times. They protected me during elementary and middle school years.  Including chasing boys.  Jorge my oldest brother embarrassed me in our teenage years in front of friends doing things like coming out of the house in boxers to tell them it was to late for visitors. More embarrassment when he used to break dance in front of my classmates.  What? was I supposed to do brag that he was my brother?...No way.  Or if I was going out with a boy yelling things like 'Hey she's still  my sister!!" Hello!!! he only picked me up to go to church...well I did like the boy but he was only  an unreachable love. Jorge is know for embarrassing people.

And then driver's ed...oh gosh Jorge no patience at all, no fun.  Eduardo my youngest brother all the patience in the world!  I remember I would ask him how am I doing?  Great he would say even though I was driving all crooked. Many adventures with him like being stranded in the middle of some mountains on my uncle's pickup truck. I remember thinking 'we're never getting out of here' or at least 'I'll never make it to work on time' But we were rescued by a total stranger and luckily I made it to work on time. 

I am so glad I had my two brothers to grow up with.  Also glad that they are here when I need them at this time in age.  I love them and love the fact that our families are close.

One thing I regret now is if I had know that Jorge would love sailing and Eduardo would love fishing I probably would have learned how to swim. Maybe one day.

PS  I know you try to put it in the back of your head but you know you are the one on the right in this picture, yeah you know you looked like one of the boys with your short curly hair.




  1. ah I have an exact photo of my older sister and I with really short hair (we looked like boys) mum would get fed up with our long hair and chop it all off. My daughter has three older brothers and she doesn't like it one bit, I guess it is different being in the middle but I always say to her these moments that they drive you insane will be the ones you remember the most. It goes so quickly no es cierto?

  2. Pfeh, I spotted you right off! Thank you for sharing your happy memories!

  3. Aw, you definitely looked like a girl, and a very cute one at that! It's lovely you have such essentially happy memories of your growing up years, and it's never too late to learn to swim :)

  4. What a hearty letter, Claudia! In a way I felt it's to me, as I am sharing more or less the same position of being in the middle... But many things are good about it, as you learned to deal with younger and with older ;) Hug


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