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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hello 41

Has it been a year??  It has...I had another Birthday on Sunday.  

Hello 41.

To be honest I had a lame Birthday, I ate something on Saturday that my stomach didn't like.  I spent most of Sunday with a queasy stomach, laying in bed with fever, and in the bathroom.  

But I do thank God for another year and for my family that took care of me!  I am still in recovery mode.

Here are the best presents  received from my kids:

 Xavi made this box himself.  Do you spy dollar bills inside??  yes, he gave me his own $2

Now Sophia made a coupon book for me!

I might start clipping soon!  I love how she drew our hairstyles and the faces she made...

Hello 41!


  1. Happy Belated Birthday, feel better soon!

    How sweet are those gifts? Awwww

  2. 41 looks good on you! (i am just so sorry you haven't been feeling good :( poor thing!)

    oh how i love the coupon book! what a darling gift to have for always. LOVELY!!!

    hugs and hopes of feeling better sent your way xoxo

  3. So sorry this message is late but I hope it was a gorgeous day just the same :)

    Love how your daughter drew you with a smiley face and she has a sad face ha.

  4. Aw, happy belated birthday! You certainly look way younger than 41. That coupon book is the bee's knees -- I especially love the one for a bow lol

  5. Happy birthday Claudia! Xavi is so sweet giving you the $2 in a homemade box. I love Sophia's frowny faces when doing not so fun things. Too cute! The "bow" one cracks me up!!!

  6. Happy Birthday! I love how she's frowning in the cleanup one. Too cute.

  7. PS. my baby bump virtual date post is up! : bit.ly/NoluT9

    THANK-YOU for playing along :)

  8. xo xo !!! (hug) and LOL (new code: lots of love?)


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