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Friday, September 7, 2012

Happy Mail

This is some outgoing and incoming mail lately:


 Postcard sent to Priya in Burbank, CA

 Cardiff by the Sea is a beach community in San Diego County, I sent this postcard to Nebraksa.

I have been using my typewriter to write letters.  The machine is a little rusty and so am I.
I keep trying to hit the backspace when I make a typo!!

Postcard sent to Dear Micaela who 
is soon to be a mom of a baby girl!!  
Micalea from DolceVita came to my etsy shop some years ago, she said she would be back and she did.
I don't know how she found my blog but was one of my very first followers oh and she also found me on facebook and liked my page.
I've followed her story ever since.
 I am so happy for her new bundle of joy.

I love what this card says 
and I think it fits the Maxham's perfectly :)

Postcard going to Kansas.


Postcard received from Kansas

DeGray Lake Resort Postcard From Lori...hey I wouldn't mind to stay here for a week or so :)

 Crater Of Diamonds State Park postcard also from Lori, who unfortunatley said it is very hard work searching for diamonds on high temperature :(  bummer, maybe next time!

At last a cow was found!!  My penpal Maria found it, I think this cards fits us perfectly!!

 Postcard from my penpal in Kansas.

Card from Priya in Burbank CA

Close up so you can read the card

 I'd love my own post office!

Hope your weekend is great!


  1. Beautiful postcards! The last one is so funny, which says, that you need your own post office - that's the great idea! :)))
    and I like the cow with a big heart, she's so cute :)

  2. Claudia, i am so glad i found you!

    I can't thank you enough for the most adorable shoes you made for my baby (who will be here in DAYS-- i can't even believe it!!!). i can't wait to put them on her little feet and send you a photo :) it means a lot that you took the time to make them dear friend. Even more, what you wrote inside your card i'm going to remember and keep with me during this big, magical change that is about to happen in my life.

    Thank-you for that and thank-you for your sweet words here. I am blessed to know you! xoxo

  3. What a sweet idea; I thought the days of sending and receiving actual mail were over!

  4. Everything is so fun! I adore that card about beautiful people make beautiful people. What a perfect saying!!!


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