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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Featured artist...Larysa from MaybushMill

For this weeks feature I bring you Larysa from MaybushMill.  She is the creator of soft cute and fluffly critters.  Please go visit her shop!

1. Tell us as little or as much as you would like about yourself.

I was born in Russia but I have been living in England for the last 11 years. I am married and have two grown up sons. I am a qualified teacher of Fine Arts and recently got a BA Applied Arts degree from Leeds Metropolitan University. In 2010 I was runner up in the Northern Design Competition with my ‘Abandoned Green’ digital print on fabric. I have been working as a translator but since I was made redundant this Spring I decided to join Etsy to sell some of the Art and Craft that I have enjoyed creating all of my life.
2. What do you sell?
I have begun by selling Knitted and Crocheted animals. I am now adding crocheted lace from old Russian patterns that my Grandma taught me.

Mohair Guinea Pig
3. Why handmade?
I have been making things by hand since I was a child and it feels so natural to me.

4. Where does your inspiration to create come from and/or your inspiration in life?
From everywhere, from nature, my pets, my surroundings and what I see on the Web.

5. Besides creating what else do you do? Do you have a full time job?
Since I lost my job I have dedicated myself to my craft, my garden, my family and my rabbits (I have three of them living in the garden hutch).

6. When did you start thinking you were an artist?
I have always doubted my talent so it means so much to me when people like my work.

Mohair Bunny with Pink Ears
7. Who has been most influential in your craft work? So many people there are too many to mention, I see so much inspiring work on Etsy and elsewhere. For example I have made a momiji doll in the style of artist Paul Klee’s puppets.

8. Where would you like to be in five years? I would like to be working full time creating beautiful things to sell on Etsy.

9. Is there anything you'd like to try doing that you haven't done?
crafts, sports, life in general?
I would like to learn more about antiques and vintage items. A few days a go I bought a collection of Antique keys from EBay, it is so fascinating that they were collected by the sellers grandfather over a hundred years. I would like to use these keys in a future projects.

Green Mohair Kity cat

Vintage Style Lace Hand Crocheted

10. Besides online where else do you sell?
I sell my screen prints, paintings and tapestries in local exhibitions, you can see these on my facebook page.

Ways to contact you:
*blog - coming soon*
email lara888@gmail.com


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