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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Etsy finds...Say Hola to etsy

Some of you already know this, some of you might not but it's no secret that my first language is Spanish.  I though I'd incorporate my bilingual skills on my 'etsy finds section' once in a while!  I will begin with the basics, so 

'Say Hola to etsy'

Hola is Hello
Hola sign by AmericanaSigns

Adios is Goodbye
Scrabble Word keychain by VintageJoysAndJewels

A Dog is a Perro
Luchamal El perro peligroso by StudioLongoria

A cat is a gato 
 El Gato Spanish Cat Greeting Card by soobeeart

Pretty easy stuff ah??


  1. Perhaps you'll enjoy the name of the dish I'm featuring on Cheap Eats this Friday.......Des Colores rice. ;-)


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