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Monday, July 30, 2012

What kind of face is this?

I guess I should be happy Xavi ate half of his half sandwich (without mayo) and some cucumber. 

He is such a picky eater, they all are my kids.  They eat fruits (not all types but I am happy they eat some fruit).  They love strawberries and grapes the most.

Veggies is a battle here...I've tried tricks but haven't work well.  Most of the time I feel discouraged but I know for sure one day they will have kids of their own and will think back and  say "momma was right when she told me eat my veggies" Don't we all say that at one point?...mom was right! 

So far this is a happy squiggly sideways face...
kind of like the way I feel sometimes!


  1. It's sort of like a smirk, like he's saying, "Hmph, ok Mom, I'll eat some, just to make you happy. Not all of it, but at least some". Thank you so much for your kind words, Claudia; they were greatly appreciated.

  2. Just wait couple more years, I promise you, growing boy will eat EVERYTHING! ;O

  3. I like the smile in this picture. Keep giving them veggies and eventually they will eat them. I keep telling myself this each time I give them veggies. :S


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