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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Grand Finale

My brother and her girlfriend of 10 yrs( she has the wife tittle!!), went on a road trip to San Francisco and back.  They took along 5 kids between the ages of 12 and 7 and a dog.  Brave of them,
lots of work but I am sure they had fun.
On the day they got back he called me, asked me to open the garage door and get the video ready
for their grand finale!
Me and Xavi waited for them...I was really cracking up, you can hear it on the video.

First to get off is Ivan my other brother's boy
next, is Ailani my sister's daughter,
then, Sophia my dancing daughter,
then Isaac my sister's son,
then Geome my brother's daughter (the brave brother on the trip)
then Jacqui my brother's girlfriend
THEN MY BROTHER!!  The silly one the one
everybody loves to hang around with even though he treats the kids like military style
but they still love him!
Last but not least PJ the dog everybody loves.

I apologize for the bad lighting but if you need a laugh watch the video!


  1. ha ha ha ha! Really funny family! I like the last one (on the four legs) the best!

  2. Nice RV!! Funny family. Totally made me laugh. Your brothers got the moves. What is the name of that song?

    1. My brother often complains of back pain so that was totally funny! The name of the song is fergalicious.

  3. They are too funny! I love it! Good family fun.

  4. That was really funny :))) you made me laugh :)


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