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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Happy camper ready for contact

Till Sophia gets back from her road trip it's just Xavi and me!

Let me tell you what he did on Sunday night, he swallowed a marble.  You read it correct a marble! 
Of course I panicked, but not that much since he was breathing!  Hope he learns the lesson and let me tell you if he didn't choke I myself almost chocked him.
I guess we just have to wait for it to come out the other end :/ 

At this very moment he is happy because his sparring gear arrived yesterday. 
He has been putting it on and taking it off. 

This morning he, told me "mom I guess I have to wear my tae kwon do uniform with my gear".  I say uniform is a good idea unless he wants to fight in his underwear (underwear for him is a natural thing at home)

Although he gets a bit distracted by Sponge Bob, he is ready for contact!


  1. Hay look at Xavi in his sparring gear!!! Too cute!!! He looks ready to kick some butt :)

    Such cute pictures!

    Hay our boys! So happy Xavi is ok and he didn't choke with the marble, I know the would have choked him yourself feeling - ha!
    Miguelito also loves to be in his underwear around the house, he believes in no other clothes! Summer or Winter :)


  2. Oh, dear! I am not sure if I can breath reading this!!! I am such a panicking mum... And yes, those kids they do a lot of strange things while growing ;)

    The "new look" of Xavi is so cool! Does he have to wait til autumn to start it again?

    1. siga the marble has not come out I will worry if it does not come out! He will use his gear weekly he calls it his 'armor'

  3. He's too cute. Boys are so much fun! I hope the marble comes out soon!

  4. LOL. I did not realize the kids wear all this protetive gear these days! Xavi looks so cute. Good luck with the marble!


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