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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Fun under the sun

We had a nice five day weekend as my husband had 
Friday, Monday and Tuesday off. 
Well on Monday we took off for Lake Elsinore. We had been here before.  But this time we were better prepared!!

 One of my all time concerns when we are out of the house 
is the bathrooms.  Luckily the porta-potties were freshly clean and well stocked with toilet paper :)

 This time we got our own shade...life saver!!!

 We had transportation to and from the shore,
 also we had a cooler to keep drinks and food cool.

We just sat and relaxed.  I am just amazed at how people are not afraid to show their bodies, so I got the idea that next time I go to a beach or to the lake it is my goal to wear a bathing suit with one of those cover ups dresses or shorts...hey baby steps right??  Last time I wore a bathing suit was like 20 yrs ago!!

You know the kids can't get enough water play.  Valeria was the first one to bail out of the water.  She just sat and listened to her iPod the rest of the day. But the other two literally spent the whole time in there!
 It was fun to see the 'surfers'

So this is my family having fun under the sun!
I can't believe in less than a month the kids will be back at schoolTime really flies when you are having fun!

I can only hope you had a fun weekend too.


  1. What a fun weekend!! You look beautiful, my dear!

  2. This lake looks so fun! I love the last photo of all you guys! I have been wanting to try that paddle board sport. Apparently it has become really popular. Only in a lake though! We have had too many sharks off the coast of MA this year.


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