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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Season's Change Second Edition...Spring Week 8

For a whole year I will try to find the awesomeness 
included in all four seasons,
perhaps the weather or a nature shot...
maybe display the holidays in turn
who knows?
The sky is the limit.

Riding my bike on Sunday mornings I have made a lot of discoveries.
I want a front entrance like this on my porch.

It's funny how I rode back home grabbed my camera got on my truck and drove to look for this house again and had the hardest time finding it.  It only shows that I gotta slow down.


  1. Nice! I would like it too ;) The green bamboos... But geranium they can grow everywhere, not so picky. Maybe you knock to the door next time, asking for gardening tips? :D

  2. It's beautiful! If I had a house I wouldn't mind having a pretty yard like this one.

  3. What a pretty border! The bamboo looks amazing in the back!


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