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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Counting Blessings

Xavi was very happy this weekend because his cousins came over to celebrate Mother's day and my brother gave him a crochet angry bird hat that he bought for him!  Xavi is in love with it.

When I picked him up from school on Monday after he had shared his angry bird hat with his friends he started counting his blessings on the way back home.

He numbered them as many as he has fingers on his hands.
  1. I have an angry bird hat.
  2. I have two beyblades.
  3. I have a TaeKwonDo class.
  4. I have lots of toys in my room.
  5. I have a cleaning mom
  6. I have a dad that lets me take food upstairs.*
  7. I have an awesome teacher.
  8. I have an awesome school
  9. I have my own room.
  10. I have my friend Ruben. 
* I am not very happy with that one!! :/

As an extra bonus he said:

I will make a sacrifice for everyone in my family
...I will try though!

This really touched my heart I pray to God that my 5 year old keeps counting his blessings years from now.  I also, secretly thank him because sometimes I forget to count mine.


  1. Xavi really touched my heart as well!!! All too often we take for granted the "small" things in life and forget to thank God for these blessings. I'm thankful for your little cutie's reminder! Such a sweet picture of him :) Those knit hats are adorable!

  2. The hat is so fun! Xavi is so sweet. Many years about Oprah brought this up on her show about writing down your blessings from time to time. Although I have never done this, I should!


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