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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

On Reading

Every week I make a trip to the Library to check out books for Xavi.  Sometimes I go by myself (for a faster trip) and others I take him with me. I am proud to say that he is reading pretty good.  He knows all of his 35 sight words (common words that he needs to memorize) and he knows all the letter sounds.  He still confuses b and d, I have to remind him the sounds at times but overall I am happy with his progress.

Unfortunately when Sophia was in Kindergarten I really did not do this with her.  Of course I read to her but not really as a daily habit.  She had this favorite book that I read to her over and over and over and to be honest sometimes I shortened it. Thankfully she likes reading and is at her appropriate reading grade level. 

When Xavi started school I promised myself that I would do my best to help him with his reading and to do better than I did with Sophia. 

He is constantly trying to read every word he sees and asks me how to spell things. I can see the reading bug or 'worm' is already in him.  At his Tae Kwon Do class he needs to read 20 books in order to get 2 star badges for his uniform.  There you go more incentives!

As you can see, this is tiresome for some little people.  A snack is needed green apple for him, red for me.  A break is also needed. Choosing books is good but the best part is the check out process.

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  1. Awww! Great pictures! I loved going to the library with my mom at Xavi's age...and still love going.


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