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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Old Glasses for New Eyes

Sophia has been wearing glasses ever since she was in Kindergarten.  She got them about a month or so after she started school.  It was funny because the very first day she took them to school she almost came home without them!  Sophia took her brand new pink glasses off for recess as she was not used to wearing them and her best friend put them in her backpack and was planning on taking them home because she had 'liked' them.  Sophia will never forget that story and I am sure her Kindergarten teacher never will either as she told me that she had gone crazy looking for the glasses thinking "Sophia's mom will kill me if she losses her glasses on her first day!"

I have reading glasses also but really hardly wear them, I only sport them when I want to look intellectual or nerdy! Or when I want to get some oh's and ah's out of people...people that know me that is.

Sophia gets a new pair every year, but what to do with those old glasses?  A few years ago I researched and found out that I could donate them to the Lions Club  there is a great need for eyeglasses in undeveloped countries and Sophia is able to help by donating her old glasses.  Now my mom and dad put in their two cents also.  During their morning and afternoon strolls they always manage to find one or two pairs of lost or left behind glasses and save them for me.  So when I have a bunch I make a trip to a local optometrist and I drop off the glasses to be donated to the Lions Club.  I leave with a great feeling that those old glasses will make a difference on new eyes.  I've been doing this for some years now.

So what do you do with your old glasses??  here is the how you can help link to Lion's Club international if interested.

The pink pair was Sophia's so hopefully soon a new princess will have her new pair to help her read!


  1. Wonderful! Thank you for the link. The Salvation Army and many local children's homes also appreciate usable glasses.

  2. That's very great idea! Unfortunately I can't do it, as I buy new ones when I brake old ones, so technically is nothing to donate... But maybe will be better next time?

  3. I donate my old frames to Lens Crafters. They also make glasses for people in need so it feels good to contribute!

    1. It does feel great to help others Miss Val! ;)


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