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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What to buy on a Wednesday...This is who I really am...

Besides the title "What to buy on a Wednesday"  I will start labeling these babies so I don't get lost! lol!

I would like to show my true self...I am a simple girl not very complicated, but like any girl you cannot ever have too may shoes.  This is who I really am, a mom and a coupon user.  If my kids run I run after them.  Like I explained to my Dear friend Micaela on our shoe date I always wear flats or sneakers.  I only wear my 2 inch pumps once or twice a year. I am fine with that. When I wear them I do feel hot and sexy.  But my true self is comfortable in my old sneakers.  So, I'd like to share with you my wishlist in the search for the most comfortable shoes in order to run all of my errands! I love etsy!

Aren't these black Mary Janes the cutest ever! by TheGeneration

I found another pair of Mary Janes but these are Cross My heart Mary Janes.  They are handmade with scarlet satin ribbon and rhinestone heart buckles.  You can find them here in beeliciouss

I found this great shop in which you send her your own shoes and she will hand embroider the flower of your choice good deal!  ashleystiches

These comfy slip on suede shoes for this fall season would be a great acquisition! and they are  named Dolly! by palmyshoe

Oh I love these!  Brown suede wedges and their cute bows I could wear them day and night!  Let's pretend they are my size ok!!! by recyclinghistory

Another oh!! for these drawstring ballet flats by annalisehusfeld they are so delicate and cute!

Shoe shopping isn't this fun!!


  1. I love Shoes!!!!!!! My favorites from your list are the Cross My heart Mary Janes - aren't they Beautiful!!!! I love my handy dandy sneakers - lol...

    P.S. I love your new blog look ; D

  2. Claudia thank you so much for the sweet comment - it meant the world to me...and yes I am very grateful for all the love and happiness that surrounds me.
    I also hope I get one of the cameras( keeping my fingers crossed) - you had me cracking me up with rascame and piojito - same here - lol -

    kary xoxo

  3. Thank you for including my shoes in your lovely blog!

  4. Thank you malfiore! My pleasure!

  5. i bet your husband LOVES when he sees your sexy high heels cos he knows what that means ;) ha

    i want a pair of pink fun converse types!!! i would totally wear them with a LBD :)

    i love these - i get to know you even better xo

  6. Oh yes! High heels...that's what it means! I just bought me some navy blue vans! love my new vans ;)


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