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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What to buy on a Wednesday...Red Ribbon Week

For those who are staying clean from illegal drugs, Red Ribbon Week is the time to stand up and be counted. Held each year in the last week of October, the program calls itself the "oldest and largest drug prevention program in the nation," which reaches millions of students.  Some fun activities go around at schools this week.  As always I go to etsy for some help on my picks!

For crazy hair day I could just go as myself but I really like this Orange Gigantic Afro Wig by CrudeThings  to cover my own afro...I think I'd look great!

For crazy hat day this beautiful and funky red hat to show that I have some style! hat by arianemariane

For crazy socks day...these cheerful full of color and vibrant pair of socks! my feet would be so warm...socks by FeetingFrenzy

For pajama day I choose this lovely nightgown and cap by pattisoriginals of course in a size that fits me because I am no longer in my Elementary years! I am only a bit past that! lol!

So whatever your choices are let's enlist and support our kids in the fight against drugs while we have fun too!


  1. Yes Drug Free - Dile no a las drogas!!!!!!! I love the Orange Gigantic Wig - Love it - Hippie at heart ; ) I love your Wednesday posts they are always fun and cute ; ). Thank you so much for voting from the bottom of my heart - Hopefully later I'll have all the information up about the giveaway ; ). Mucho amor Kary xoxoxo

  2. This entry rocks! Thanks for promoting my crazy headwear. Cheers Ariane

  3. Glad you liked it Kary! It's so much fun choosing and picking from etsy! you guys got my vote everyday you know I am an early bird!

    @Ariane Mariane your hat is just lovely and all of your items in your shop are very cool and original!

  4. Thanks from me as well. I am so excited that you selected my nightgown. These have been so popular lately. Guess lots of little girls want to sleep like Laura Ingalls did.

    Again, thanks for selecting me!!

  5. what a great post! i love love love the hat! thank you for including my socks :D

  6. Thank you Patti! yes I loved Laura Ingalls...

    zehava your socks are lovely!

  7. cute blog!
    my orange wig looks great with your pinkish background :) thanks!

    what is red ribbon week?

  8. lana Red Ribbon Week is a drug prevention program celebrated nation wide every year in the last week of October you can read more here:


    Your wig is great by the way! ;)

  9. Great finds! The Red Ribbon is so important!


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