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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fill in the Blanks...I hate

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You can be as silly or serious as you want!  one word, a sentence or a paragraph if you'd like!  I thought this would be fun.

I hate...
I hate a sink full of dirty dishes! 


  1. lol! me to don't get me wrong!!! I know all my plates and cups very well! First and last name for each one of them...

    I hate it even more when I am almost done and someone comes up to me and drops one more and says "thank you" instead of saying "Oh don't worry I'll do it myself" you know you need that sometimes...then I probably would not hate it that much! I think...

  2. i have to agree with you there! one thing that i always do is wash dishes... i hate putting them up though so max does ;) it's a compromise, no?

    I hate...
    that i smoke. please help me quit!

  3. Total compromise Dear Micaela! great!

    Oh! I didn't know you smoke :( I guess one day at a time! Maybe when you have a baby you will be able to quit??


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