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Monday, October 11, 2010


1.  I reuse, reduce and recycle (hey that's three in one!)
2.  My shoe size is 7
3.  I learn to knit when I was 6
4.  I love music, but I do not dance at parties.
5.  I need to loose 10 pounds


  1. I love this post : D
    It's great that you learned to knit at a very young age. Yo tambien amo la musica pero me da pena bailar en los bailes : D Siento que todos me estan viendo - I'm retarded I know - lol
    You do not need to lose 10 pounds you look great - yo necesito perder mas de 15 libras : (

  2. i need to lose as well and dancing, how can you not dance? stop right now and dance where you are.


    also we wear the same size! good to know incase i ever visit and raid your closet ;) ha

  3. ok! I just shook my booty! a little! Kary I feel ya girlfriend!


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