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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What to buy on a Wednesday...How to Stay Warm

Ok so last week I gave you some tips on how to stay dry, well this week I have some tips on how to stay warm!  I know, I know no brainer but it's fun!

First of all find yourself the coziest corner of your home and get a nice warm blanket to cover yourself up, this Woven Merino Blanket by RiverFarmRI

Also, get yourself some fluffy and cute pillows like these two by rukkola

Get yourself a nice cup of Joe this cute mug by tinkershop

I am no coffee drinker myself so I  rather have a Gourmet Amaretto Hot Chocolate such as this one by tetoncocoacompany

Or perhaps a cup of tea to warm the soul tea by ToppersTeas

If you have a fireplace great!, get it going if not make sure you get some scented candles such as this one by JenSanCandles and get ready listen to some nice soft music.

Or maybe you rather read from your favorite book or novel these books here by DaydreamersUnite but don't forget to turn the lights on if you choose to read...and oh get yourself some company too...It's a good thing to do.


  1. Love your collection of warmth

  2. Thank you for including our nutmeg and cedar candle in your Wednesday's finds. It's a lovely collection.

  3. Oh! This just made me want to cuddle up in bed and stay warm and snugly y dormir!!!! : )

  4. Thank you girls! stay warm and snuggle up in bed is all I want to do today...but I can't!!!

  5. This post makes me feel warm and cozy!!!! My favorite is a hot beverage!

  6. Thank you Miss Val! I'm with you!


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