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Saturday, April 13, 2013


Now let's talk about change, being good or bad I don't know, I don't understand much of it.  But it's certainly going around in the blogosphere.  I am confused a bit about all of this really!  I am not the computer savviest person you can find :( 

Google Friends connect? Google Reader?  No longer be, come this July! I've always read my favorite blogs and the people I connect with from my dashboard on my reading list.  I don't really know if these new changes in April will affect me or not. 

I'd hate to loose contact with you all! So in order to stay connected my dear friends and readers here are two ways you can follow me.  Let me know if you are in either of those so I can follow you back.

I am on Bloglovin 
Also on Hellocotton

As much as I hate change:

“The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change -”


  1. O fine, is Google Friends Connect also disappearing? I believe I'm on Bloglovin, but really haven't quite figured it out yet. When I click your Bloglovin link, it says I am following you, so I guess that's ok! I guess we should go get that Bloglovin button for our blogs...

  2. Hi Claudia, I never used Google Reader. I believe Google Friends Connect is staying the same which is how most Blogspot Bloggers follow each other (I think)! I just joined Bloglovin too. It is great if you come across a blog using a different server other than a Google blog. Yes, all this stuff is confusing!


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