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Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving family trip

Hello my dear friends.  I hope you all had a wonderful and refreshing Thanksgiving Holiday. As you remember my kids had a whole week off school.  Xavi had a mini Thanksgiving feast in his class where parents and kids sat and ate together.  The kids read poems and sang song of Thanksgiving.  I love this first picture as I was trying to get Xavi's attention and this little girl was just staring at me.

We crossed the border to Mexico on Wednesday.  
We stopped in Tijuana for some carne asada tacos, 
how how I miss them! You know thew real tacos!!

Then we stayed at a house rental in Ensenada Mexico, a coastal city that was only a 1 1/2 hour drive.
By 'we' I mean my family of five, my sister's family of six, my brother's family of three, my brother's family of two my mom and two dogs.  That is a total of 17 people and two dogs.  The only two family members missing was my dad (he never wants to come anywhere) and my nephew who lives in Arizona.

On Thanksgiving morning we hiked down a 3 mile trail ( that seemed longer than three miles) 
Specially going back up the trail!

This is one of my favorite pictures my mom and my nephew!

My brother and baby Diego

 I figured I won't have many more opportunities to climb down a rope, so I hanged to it for dear life! I am posing for a picture. Look that's PJ staring at me.

 Grandma taking care of the baby!

These are the brave souls that climbed down to the beach!  and the bravest ones took off their clothes and went in the cold water in their underwears. 

Our final destination was a lovely little beach that we had all to ourselves.  There were some fascinating under water caves.

When we got back to the rental home, my brother started cooking the turkey.  He's perfected his recipe and makes a delicious grilled turkey.  We the rest of the ladies worked on the side dishes.  We ate our Thanksgiving dinner right next to the beach near the fire and we gave thanks.

Some of the men went fishing on Friday.
It was a great experience!  Of course we had the picky eaters, the scrapped knees, the pooping crying babies, it never fails somebody being sick on the trip, ah yes and the family disagreements!  It would not be a complete family vacation without any of these. This is how families make memories I say!

I hope you had a great and restful and wonderful Thanksgiving! 
Today back to reality.


  1. I love the pictures Claudia. What a fantastic way to spend Thanksgiving. I was a child the last time I was at the beach with my family! Great photo hanging on to the rope!!! I have to agree with your last words. With my family it is typically my parents bickering...but they have managed to stay together for 45 years!!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing your vacation with us. I like all the pictures. I bet that turkey was delicious! :)


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