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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Happy Mail

This is the mail that has made me happy lately! 
and hopefully made somebody's day.


 This postcard was sent to my friend and 
penpal in Wichita Kansas.

 This postcard was sent to my dear friend in Tucson Arizona.

 This one was sent to my friend in Australia.

 This one was sent to my friend and paypal in
Wichita Kansas.

 This postcard is the crookedest street in the World.  Lombard Street in San Francisco.  I sent it my penpal in Nebraska.

Wait, funny thing I just came back from the Post Office and not sure if it was the other way around.  Oh Alzheimers!!

NOTE:  I usually save the happy mail in drafts until I have enough pictures of incoming and outgoing mail.  But I really just came back form the post office and can't remember :/ 

 A handmade card for dear Priya.  
She is having a baby boy!!
I am so happy for her and her growing family.

Cupcakes booties for the baby...
 and some slippers...remember I caught the crochet bug :)

 A Feliz cumpleƱos card from my dear friend Priya 
in Burbank California.

 Christ of the Ozarks postcard from Wichita Kansas.
Beautiful rainbow wouldn't you say?

Chicago's Buckingham fountain at night postcard 
also from Wichita Kansas.

Happy mail does help brighten a day!

By the way hope you enjoy your extra hour of sleep ;)


  1. So many fun pieces Claudia! I love those cupcake booties. Adorable! My friend and I drove down Lombard St a number of times when we were there. We laughed a lot doing so!!! It is quite a fun ride.

  2. Happy mail does brighten your day! Love your postcard collection!

  3. You have sent some lovely mail and received some pretty mail too. Happy mail is the best and I wish more people got involved with it :)


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