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Friday, November 16, 2012


Lately I've been:

Watching the trees change color.  It happens so sudden that If you don't look closely you miss it!

Thinking that Seasons Change Second Edition Will be over soon.  What to do next?

Listening to my daughter tell me a lot of drama stories from her friends at school ( they learn so much stuff from other kids, things I would not want them to learn) *sigh

Dealing with a little bit of drama of our own *double sigh

Watching a Spanish version of 'Dancing with the Stars' for ten 10 weeks the show was over yesterday.  It was aired on Wednesdays and Thursdays. We kind of made it a family night with popcorn and ice cream with lots of whipped cream.  I will miss it.  Can't wait for a next season.

Buying a lot of treasures! Shopping is the best cure for all evils, I go out and thrift shop. I  find treasures and if I can't keep them all I sell them in one of my etsy shops.  It keeps me busy.

Busy crafting Christmas items to sell on my shop.

Cleaning out my craft supplies.  I accumulate so much stuff.  Sometimes there are things I just can't part with! But cleaning, sorting and basically organizing is liberating indeed.

Wanting  a change for my other etsy shop.  Although I have 713 sales, things have been very and I mean very slow since the Summer.  I am thinking of bringing new items to the shop like supplies and gift wrapping items and more and more things.  I am beyond excited for this change..

Planning our Thanksgiving.  More of this to come.

My husband and kids will have a whole week off school and work and I will be taking a week off blogging too.  You know they require my undivided attention :0

I might still drop by your blogs and say hi to you.

Happy Thanksgiving,



  1. Hi Claudia,
    I wish you and your family as wonderful Thanksgiving! It sounds exciting to be adding new items to your Etsy shop to give it new life. I am sure you have tons of ideas! The kids are so advanced today with the internet at their finger tips. It is great that your daughter talks to you about stuff. :)

  2. I hope you have a wonderful, drama-free, holiday with your family...can't wait to see what great ideas you have for your shop!

  3. I adore your picture! I hope the drama slows down. We need breaks from drama. I look forward to seeing what's new in your etsy store. Keep focusing on what you love and that's crafts for some stress relief. I know that helps me!

  4. Aw enjoy your your Thanksgiving week and your week off from blogging! Sounds like you could use a little solace :)

  5. Aww change in your shop is always good :) I look forward in seeing what new items you will add. I agree cleaning and organising is very therapeutic!


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