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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Etsy finds...vintage school supplies.

I was just thinking how weird it sounds when I can trace back time and say 30 or 35 years ago! Heck I can even go back a few more years than that.  Wow...Double wow!  

My children always like it when I tell them stories about my childhood memories. They also like it when I tell them each one of them their birth story.  Now you know I am not that old right?  but I am just planning on preparing a post on each of their birth stories before I forget them.

Anyways, just like a little recollection here's some vintage school items that I found on etsy...did I say vintage?  yikes I told you it sounds so weird!

Holly Hobbie is the timeless and ever popular 1970's girl with the blue calico giant bonnet and apron.  Now I don't recall exactly my own lunchbox but this image brought back lots of memories.

Holly Hobby Lunch Box

I also had a magnetic pencil case similar to this one.  
Oh, how I loved it.

Vintage Japanese Magnetic pencil case 
Now I had a pencil sharpener exactly like this one! 
I am sure of that.

Slot Machine Sharpener

Of course the manual sharpener in the classroom.
Vintage Manual Sharpener

Who doesn't remember these desks?
Vintage School Desk
And my favorite of all this list the good old chalkboard!  I am know to like them and use them

Old School Blackboard

I showed this list  to my kids and Xavi my first grader said "I've never seen them in my classroom"
Sophia my fifth grader said "I've never seen them in my life" 

Do any of these bring back memories to you?
Please tell me I am not the only one who remembers these!  


  1. ok, how did it happen that all things from my childhood are now 'vintage' ?! I had a Holly Hobbie lunch box. I remember it exactly. It was like a purse with a zip around the top to open it. Of course a matching thermos. My daughter pulled out her old tea set (yes they are even old to her now) and the vintage Holly Hobbie she inherited from me. And when I told her what they were she said "Holly who?"

  2. I remember them all; the little kids had them. *sigh*

  3. I had Holly Hobbie bed sheets but my mum bought them from a thrift shop :) I still had a chalk board when I was at school and I had a tin pencil case at some point. Also the desks were different to that one but sort of similar too.

  4. I promptly went over to Etsy and favorited that copper manual sharpener! It makes me so nostalgic I think I will have to have it!


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