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Monday, October 15, 2012

Morning Laughs...Child's creativity

Last week was parent-teacher conferences and I am proud to say that  my kids are doing very good in school.  
I  really cannot complain.  

I help Xavi with his homework daily and can tell that he has no problem grasping math concepts easily. He is also doing well in writing.  He probably does not enjoy it very much because his pencil always breaks, or falls or has no eraser.  
Now Xavi is starting to read and improve on his fluency. His cousin gave him a book about Ninjas just last week. He is all ninja, ninja, ninja, and more ninja.  The book is a higher reading level for him 
 but of course he thinks he can read it,  
he is on page five he said.

Sophia is very responsible and does her work in a timely manner.  I am always on top of her on the issue of no TV, no radio, no ipod while working on homework.  No distractions period.  
She is a tween now therefore tough job :/   
Homework  assignments for her include reading 30 minutes daily.  She is a book worm.   I can often tell when she likes a book 
because she can't put it down.  
At this very moment she is reading two books at the same time.

Now for the morning laugh: 
Why would they use a Lego piece and the plastic wrap from a straw from a caprisun juice when they have lots and lots bookmarks around the house?

Only a child's creativity I suppose. 
Or 'Necessity the mother of all inventions' when you can't find a bookmark.  I just cracked when I saw this, both of my kids.


  1. Aw, I really love this :)) For many reasons : because they do great, because of many ninjas, because of those "bookmarks", and just because the way you tell about it!

  2. Too funny! It's clear they inherited your creativity!

  3. I find I do the same...usually with old receipts or a old post-it note ;)

  4. They are so creative :) It's a lot better than a piece of paper which is what I use.
    I will have more about the swap soon!


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