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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Etsy finds...Families

There are all kinds of families, 
they are all special and unique in their own kind of way.

CUSTOM 3D paper family portrait
Paint your own LG Wood Family

Vintage paper dolls family
Vintage Miniature Dolls
Family Portrait of Bunnies
Vintage Family Group

This is my own family.  
No family is perfect in my opinion.  In mine there is drama now and then, challenges, daily struggles, fights and reconciliations.  

This is my bunch, the one I take care of and pray for everyday.  They're the ones I want to  grow old with and the ones I want to see grow up happy and healthy. 
I really want them to be successful adults 
and start a family of their own.

This picture is about four years old
...time for a new family portrait.

*this blog post was linked as a reference to www.betterhelp.com/advice/


  1. You have a beautiful family Claudia, and I've no doubt your family dreams will come true!

  2. gorgeous family! I love that top pop out card what a great idea. My family is far from perfect but thats the thing about family you stick with them through thick and thin.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Family dreams are worth fighting for. I'm excited to see a new family photo.

  5. Your family portrait is beautiful! We usually update every 3 years or so. My mom makes sure we all have our picture taken when the entire family is together and then she will have prints made for us. My nieces and nephew are always growing and changing. She gave gave me a new one this past Sunday!

  6. How lovely! What a great family portrait - and thanks for showing my vintage item too! xo

  7. aw, such cute ideas. i love the bunny portrait! xx


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