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Monday, August 20, 2012

Party invitation

Some weeks ago  Xavi came up to me and told me "mom let's party at your place!" (meaning MY bedroom) 
I answered, "why don't you party at your place?" 
(meaning HIS bedroom)

This was his answer:  "Because your bedroom is bigger, your bed is bigger and you have more pillows"  He loves to jump on my bed and fight my pillows.  He practices his Taekwondo, kicks and punches and he has a specific pillow that he says it's the hardest one to defeat!!

He even made invitations for his party!

 Ok, ok so I myslef put the sticky invitation on the Tequila bottle just for photgraphy purposes.

But the party is over.  Today the kids went back to school.

Feelings of excitement, nervousness and anxiety filled the house this morning.  I am talking for all of us.

I seriously thought that Sophia was going to have a panic attack!
She was so nervous she begged me to take her back home.  Luckily the teacher came out and greeted her and gave her a warm welcome.

Xavi on the other hand was eager to go to his class to meet his new teacher.  He told his sister "Sophia it's your responsibility to go to school"  What a mature little man I have!

Xavi is a first grader now and Sophia a fifth grader.  I wish the best of luck to my students!


  1. oh man ... you must be in CA? I heard the kids were back in school this week? so early!

    1. Yes I am in Cali! They got out of school on June 1st...that was 11 weeks ago!

  2. I wish them both the best! (your kidlings are gorgeous btw)

  3. Xavi is so funny! I hope the kids have a great school year!!! I was never comfortable with the first day either. New schedule, new teachers...yikes!


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