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Monday, August 13, 2012

My little girl.

The good the bad and the ugly of a 10 yr old tween daughter in no specific order:

  • She desperately wanted this book and reads it over and over.  She is getting some good pointers out of it!
  • She repeatedly states that she cannot stand her little brother... but she still plays with him.
  • She spends hours and hours on the phone with her best friend.
  • I no longer have to remind her to take showers.
  • She wants to smell pretty and look good.
  • It is hard to go shopping for clothes (before she would love everything I bought for her).  Now it's a totally different story.  She politely says no, and suddenly knows 'what's in' right now.
  • There was a point all she wanted to wear was skinny jeans, no shorts, no skirts no dresses. 

    NOTE:  skinny jeans were banned during the summer by me!
  • So she wore shorts again...but not short shorts...that was another battle :/
  • Wait she suddenly wants to wear a dress again for a QuinceaƱera!!! ( a 15 yr old party) that we will be attending.
  • Finding a dress that we both agreed on was difficult too.
  • THE HAIR:  another battle she loves it loose and wild...I love it braided.  We have to find a middle ground on topic this coming school year.  She asked me not to braid it after she was told that 'braids are so third grade'  last school year.  What is up with all that peer pressure!  It's sad.
  • She told me that she  finally outgrew her stuffed animal collection.  I feel awkward, you know I spend all this time telling her she has way too many toys and now she gets rid of them :(
She got the idea of getting rid of her stuffed animals and toys while watching Toy Story 3  A ha!! She still watches Disney Channel and cartoons! I felt relieved that she keep her most precious ones.  There's proof my little girl still my little girl.  I want to cling to that thought...she is only finding her personality and balance. She is only growing up.


  1. Hey! B reads books from that series too -- her most recent one was The Girls' Book of How to Be the Best at Everything. Well, way better than those teen romance things, I say. Growing up is a challenge!

  2. Today I think: lucky me, boys grow a bit slower than girls! But with some statements my kid already there as well...

  3. Oh the joys of having a girl. It sounds like you are doing great with her though and still giving her space to be able to express herself.


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