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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Morning Laughs...spots

 I've noticed how lately Xavi has been absorbing anything TV!
He comes up to me and tells me mom you should buy so and so car insurance because you get $100.00 back.

Another example: I was folding the laundry and he asked me "Did you know there is a spray that you put on clothes and it gets rid of all dirt stains?   you should buy it. I loved his little comment because he wants to make my life easier.

Last night he told me you should buy this 
face cream because it gets rid of spots in the face,
Oh really?  do I have spots??  I asked him, yes he said and he started pointing at my face here, here, here, he went on and on all around my face and I cracked up when he said no wait I counted that one already!!


  1. So cu...te the dog.I likeGotta love love a man in boxer's.

    1. Thanks for the visit! glad you enjoy the reading, yeah that is my little man!

  2. What a cutie! At least he is trying to help you with some things :)

  3. Xavi is so funny! I love that he is trying to make your life easier. :)

  4. Hay dios mio! Our boys will say the darkest things! I was telling Miguelito you can't eat that much chocolate or you'll get pimples and his answer? Like the ones you have here, there, and there, and there!!! Bursitis Minos tan inocentes ;) xo


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