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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy Mail


 Received from Kansas

Also received from Kansas

Another postcard from Kansas

 And yet another from Kansas

Oh wait!  Last one from Kansas!


 Headed to Arizona

Headed to Nebraska

Headed to Kansas

 This was a letter sent to my penpal in Kansas.
I wanted to show you guys this pen Sophia gave to me as a Mother's Day gift when she was in Kindergarten.  Precious ;)
 This postcard I sent to Chula Vista, California to my BFF
It was funny because It was me who asked for her address so I can mail her a letter.  Recently I saw her and she said to me I will send you a text, do you text? she asked, no I replied I snail mail and she only smiled!

 Letter going out to Kansas.
Sophia went to San Felipe, Mexico with my brother
during Spring Break and she brought each family member a
sea shell.

Here she is, my little thoughtful girl!


  1. What a happy people live in Kansas! So funny cards :)) I just got some happy mail from you this week, thank you! Seems like it's been lost and went to another Las Palmas, (wonder, how many of them are in the world?) but at the end I got it!

    Your daughter looks lovely. Strange to see how kids change in a year or two ;)

  2. So many great pieces! Snail mail is so much more personal than electronic cards and letters.

    Sophia is looking so grown up. She is turning into quite the pretty lady!

  3. Aw, what cheerful people Kansas residents are! And wow, your daughter is a beauty - like her Mom :)


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