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Friday, April 27, 2012

Morning Laughs...Grass of the Deadly

I picked up Xavi from school yesterday and we headed to our Public Library (post on that next week).
We drove by the cemetery, I am certain we've driven by there many times before but this time Xavi asked:

"Mom is that the grass of the deadly??"  It's the cemetery I told him.  "Is it true that if you step on that grass you die??  No silly, who told you that I asked him laughing "Sophia" was his answer, I should have figured it out.

Then I started thinking, my kids have never experienced the loss of a close relative or anybody close to us to be precise.  They do talk about Michael Jackson's death.  Death is a fact of life and inevitable sooner or later we will all experience a loss of a loved one.  This was a great opportunity to express my beliefs to Xavi, he was wondering if we die on our 100th Birthday.  This morning laugh was a nervous one I've had those before you know! He was amazed when he saw the picture I managed to take.


  1. it's a difficult, yet inevitable theme to talk with kids about... The photo is one of my favorites on your blog. (not because of the deadly grass!) I like the dark shades of mountains behind, the palms taller than the trees, its like a curtains of the life's theater, after the final act... Sigh... I still can't accept that myself, that it's part of the life...

  2. This photo is gorgeous Claudia! I love those tall trees (nothing like the trees in MA). Xavi is so cute. I have never heard the one about stepping on the grass and dying! Kids must have the funniest conversations when adults are not listening!!!


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