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Thursday, October 13, 2011

While having to wait...

This week has been parent-teacher conferences, 
that means minimum days which translates into me and 
Xavi  having to wait one hour outside the school for Sophia.

We've gone for an oil change, grocery shopping and to the bank
on the previous days, waiting in line impatiently 
hoping that I get to finish everything in time
to pick up Sophia.

Today we just waited...

we found a nice shade,
we laid on the cool grass,
we ate jungle crackers
we took pictures,
also took pictures of each other,
we practiced Xavi's ABC's,
we waited patiently  without any rush to go anywhere,
we just relaxed!

On a minor note:  Conferences went well, practice on multiplication tables,
and practice on abc's and numbers were assigned respectively!

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  1. I love your simple shots of "this moment". Personally I think it's the best photos we can make! :)


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