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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Note to self...Rain or Shine

I am ready to go to New York City...rain or shine
Except I have to take care of a few details first:

  • I have to tell my husband...once that is taken care of...
  • I have to set a date when to go...I can leave tomorrow yay!
  • I have to get the money...that's going to be a hard task itself!
  • I have to get a plain ticket...no problem if I have the money!
  • I have to find accommodations...money involved there too :(
  • Not a must but I can always shop for new clothes...daing, that means money too!
  • I have to find a sitter...Xavi is not going to be happy.
too many details right now!  but one is allowed to dream right??

What I really want to share with you is some
Happy Mail I received from my blogging sister Kary,
She sent me a Birthday gift!

One day I will overcome these minor details 
and go visit the Big Apple and met her!
Love you lots Kary!

I am so grateful for this blogging world I found
and because I found you in it!


  1. Oh my! That list of the "details" made me laugh :) Cool umbrella! ;)

  2. First of all - You look BEAUTIFUL my sister!!!!! Not that you never look bella but girl your working it :)

    I'm so happy you received your birthday present, they were sent with lots of love! Your list your a silly girl, first of all you don't need to worry about accommodations - my house is always open! Aunque tengamos que dormir en el piso todos! It will be fun though :) One day, I know for sure we will get to hug and hang out in Central Park and chat and eat some cupcakes that I will bake you :) I love you my sister and blog world for getting to meet you mi amazing Clau :) xoxo

  3. I hope you get your wish to go to NY one day :) And it's true that sensitivity makes girls special! x

  4. I hope you get to go to NY one day!!! The bracelet looks so cute on you!!

  5. Something to add to your New York itinerary:
    All the best with your plans!

  6. Darn that money! It ruins everything. I think my go to place if money were not an issue would be Greece. But that costs a lot more than NY so I hope you make it there. And go shopping! xx

  7. I love New York, my favorite city in the world.. If I win the lottery, we can go together! :)


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