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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Note to Self...Subjects in life

I read this somewhere, 
I really don't remember where but this is so unquestionable!
It is about love

In math it is a problem...

In history it is war... 


In chemistry it is a reaction...

In art it is a heart...

Bring back memories from junior High and 
High School doesn't it?? 

At this point in their lives 
Sophia is practicing her multiplication facts,
 and Xavi is learning his ABC's and his numbers 1-10

Hard task they think right now
I can only help them practice and make good study habits,
so they can learn them
but later in life they will
have to master the school of life and love on their own.
I can't go to school for them,
I can only be there when they need me
I ask God for strength and knowledge
to guide them.
I really want them to succeed!


  1. Great post!! I learned a lot by this post. I too feel the same way!!

  2. You keep surprising me with your creative life style ;) And made me smile :))

  3. They will succeed because they have you as their mom!!!

    xo Kary


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