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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I was talking to my mom on the phone today and Xavi told me he was drawing a picture for me. 
He finished his picture and I was still on the phone.
I told him to show me the picture while I was talking, 
but he wanted me off the phone. 
He got pretty upset because he had to wait
for me to finish my conversation.
He destroyed the pretty picture he had made.
He made another picture of him showing his feelings!

After I saw this my heart broke...
he wants my undivided attention, 
but sometimes I need time for myself too! 
but then kids are like that selfish and egocentric at times
...I guess
I can only guess I was like that too.
After all moms are the first teachers and caregivers
in most cases.
I explained that I miss my mom 
and that I wish I see her everyday 
but that is just not possible.
So I talk to her every chance I get!
I told him that I love him very much and 
I want too see him happy,
and his pretty pictures make me happy.

He understood that I rather see him happy than mad.
He figured out that it's important for me 
to talk to my mom and that I am not avoiding him.  

I know for sure he wants a happy mom too!
and we ended this on a happy note!


  1. The hardest thing sometimes is to show the true feelings. And Xavi did it. And you have courage to write about it. That is the greatest thing!

  2. So happy Xavi is learning at such an early age to express his feelings. I understand needed "me" time too and wanted to talk with you mom any chance you can! I feel that way about my dad. :) I felt that way about my mother too, when she was alive.

  3. What a great story! I am not a mom but I imagine dealing with feelings is probably one of the hardest parts. Good job working it out!

  4. Claudia, thank you for commenting! I wish the Blogger would have a "replay" or "answer" button, so we could chat about things in the right place :)) To your question how I blog, it depends on the day, mood, and the stars in the sky :) Sometimes I remember some words while I see the picture I want to capture, sometimes it's a feeling coming from inside, sometimes I add an quote to explain better the photo, sometimes I write on my own I go through my hard drive looking for reflecting picture, sometimes... It's messy, just the way I am! :))

  5. @siga

    siga think I fixed the problem! you brought this back to my mind. Before I tried something called Disqus,but really didn't kl=know if my readers will like it because they had to enter their email address now I can reply to comments on my own blog! I am thinking you will get an email to know that I've replied?? Please let me know if this works.


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