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Monday, April 25, 2011

True or False...Last Chance


This is the last chance to win some moncy3 stationery!
I am so happy you decided to stop and play
This time all who answers correctly will get to choose any one item 
in stock in my shop!
So, I wish you the best off luck to all of my lovely readers, followers and friends!
Following are four statements, three are true, one is false.
Guess which one is false!

1.  When I was single I went to two missionary trips with my Christian Youth Group.
2.  My bff straightened my hair with an iron for clothes.
3.  My arm was caught on a wringer roller washing machine when I was a kid.
4.  I've never had a check bounce before.

If you've won already you can still participate!
Good luck I'll come back Wednesday with the answers and the names of the winners if any!


  1. 1) False, 2) true, 3) true, 4) true

  2. Thank you for the samples. We have been using them as thank you cards.

  3. I think the last one is false ..and rest are true .. and I hope I'm still part of the game ..

  4. Priya you are still on the game I will come back Wednesday with the answers!


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