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Monday, April 4, 2011

Lake Elsinore

I had plans to do some gardening on the weekend,
(I am giving my green thumb a try here)
but we had an  unexpected trip to Lake Elsinore this past Saturday. 
 my husband asked in the morning "Do you guys want to go to the lake?"  
YES!!!! kids answered yelled!
Nothing really planned, this lake is 30 minutes away from us so
we  grabbed two beach chairs, fishing rods, swimming shorts, towels, 
a light snack, camera and off we go

 We did not fish after all, the kids really loved the lake and 
all they wanted to do was swim...
I will confess I am  a land lover (meaning I don't swim or even float)  But I do 
enjoy walking in the sand and getting my feet wet,  I was just about to take a picture 
of my feet in the water when my camera died!  yes, battery exhausted!  
that only happens to me!  Besides I missed some other good shots because 
It just so happened they had drag boat races!  That was fun to watch! 
When we got home I worked a bit on my garden! 
God help me those plants won't die because I will be bummed!
So that was my weekend!
Hope you had a great one!

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  1. This looks like such a fun family day!!! These are the type of memories the kids will cherish! ~Val

  2. aw man, i wish it was swimming weather here! yesterday it was 72 degrees here, but it was gloomy looking and not exactly beach weather yet. it looks like you had a fun day, and good luck with your gardening! what are you growing?

  3. What a great family time! That's more important than a dead batery, but I understand the feeling ;)

  4. Thank you ladies! Great memories

    @Cortney I planted watermelons and I have a newborn love for succulents!

  5. How fun!!! You took great pictures. Sorry about your dead battery. =( I hate it when that happens, ugh! :)

  6. Oh SO much fun!!! I wish we could have gone with you guys :) I my love do not know how to swim either :) But i love going to the beach and going into the water, even though it is a pain taking off all the sand after wards!

    Sorry about the battery dying but you did get to catch these perfect pics :)


  7. Some of the best moments are the spontaneous ones! How sweet to treat your kiddos to a special day at the lake :) Looks like your beautiful family had such a fun time! It's so funny because I LOVE being near the ocean, but I also don't really know how to swim! I never knew how to until I was 21 and took swimming lessons at the local YMCA. How fun that you are gardening :) I pray your little garden thrives!

  8. what a fun momma you are! :) i'm sure your kids just loved their fun under the sun-- a day to remember for sure, so special!

    i'll be keeping my fingers crossed for your garden, if you keep your fingers crossed for my two little plants... i have to start out small! lol so any gardening tips you can pass along my way would be helpful ;) lol


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