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Friday, April 15, 2011

Blog award

I received this blog award from my Dear friend Kary over 
Kary is very sweet and she loves to bake cupcakes
you should visit her you know!

I am happy to receive this award!
I am very honored and I am supposed to  share
ten things that I love...
So in no particular order except #1 of course
Here they are:

No1. I love my family!  
I will admit that not every day things are fine and dandy here.
but these are the faces that I seek when I am sad,
these are the arms that hold me when I need comfort
and these are the people that I share my popcorn with 
and yes, this is a Christmas picture I like it a lot
because we all came out 'good' 
It's hard with five people you know!!

No2.  I love these kiddos!  The two on the left are mine
the other three are my sister's...they never fail to put a smile on my face.

No3.  I love my recently acquired  kids craft book!  Even If I don't try a single 
project I will browse it over and over!

No4.  Here starts my love for greens!
I have a new found love for succulents!  These babies are inside
and are doing pretty good!

No.5 I also love my succulents outside...I still have lots of space to plant some more! yay!
I am giving my green thumb a try.

No.6  One more thing I love is my recently sprouted watermelon seeds!  
Can't wait to eat some!

No7.  I love my morning drive...green fields all over.  Don't ask me 
what kind of crop, don't really know...but that green 
matches perfectly with a blue sky!

No8.  I love this song!!  Didn't we
all give a little sign at one point!! ;)

No9.  I love Mexican singer Luis Miguel... I said it before and I will say it
again He could have been the father of my babies!  I just
went for my husband instead ;)

No10.  Finally I love postcrossing, my new addiction.  I love getting to
know places that I might never get to go.
And  a plus you meet nice people!

Happy Friday my Dear friends~


  1. Congratultions! I love suculents too! You are such a special and sweet person. Maybe there is an award for that! :)

  2. Thank you ladydazy you just put a smile on my face! :)

  3. Oh and you are beautiful my dear! Please post more pictures of yourself. :)

  4. :) Thank you for all my goodies. I love them!!

  5. That is so sweet ..if anyone deserves that award you do mi amiga :)
    I love these posts when you share more about you and that first pic definitely awesome ..
    Hugs Clau ...have a lovely weekend ..

  6. Me ha gustado ver tu foto familiar

  7. @ladydazy so glad you liked the goodies, enjoy!

    @priya thanks sweetie!

    @giozi que bueno que te gusto mi foto familiar! Gracias!

  8. Maya was so thrilled to receive a letter from your daughter--and to see potos of her new friend on your blog, too.

    Thanks for being our pen friends!!


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