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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

moncy3 the rescue

I found this book at one of my local thrift shops.  I though it would be a good example to show you 
how I recycle an unwanted book into pretty envelopes!

See this I spy book and its pretty cover?

Well, it's been discarded!

water is the damage!

Water damage at the bottom of the book!

I tear the book apart and cut the damaged bottom

I find a template that can nicely fit the 'rescued pages'
I then trace, cut and glue! 


this is the final result!  

If you haven't done so come and play along 
on my true or false game

Have a great day my lovies.


  1. Nice you share with us what you do! And that book was really beautiful material as I see! Travelling... Ah... Let me dream a bit :))

  2. La verdad es que sí, quedan unos sobres muy bonitos.

  3. You're a genius Clau and you've put the book to such good use by making such lovely envelopes ..

    I esp love the lighthouse one you've placed at the very top , makes me wanna go visit one - maybe I should this summer ..
    See what you've done - making me wanna travel :P
    Hope you're having a lovely day dear :))

  4. Aw, thanks for sharing this with all of us! You created a masterpeice! :)

  5. Priya and ladydazy thanks for the nice words! All of this process really takes stress away from me...starting with the thrifting of the books! :)

  6. i lOVE how you rescue books! ;)

    and this glimpse into your life and business.

    it's how we met, after all <3



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