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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What to buy on a Wednesday...My brother the Fisherman

Today is my baby brother's birthday!  not so baby anymore!  at 200 lbs 5' 11" he  turns 37 today, he has always been my friend and my protector and I love him dearly.  He loves fishing and he does it every time he gets a chance and I mean it e-v-e-r-y-t-i-m-e.  So I searched etsy for some special fisherman gear, items or things he might enjoy and this is what I found:

This is my brother the fisherman his son Ivan on the left and my sister's son Isaac on the right!  Cute boys aren't they??

I don't know much about fishing but I know it should be relaxing and you need a good destination such as this one.  Casco Bay Sunrise Photography by douglevy

A good book would help too, I'm sure!  To pass time and to brush up on things and learn some more...this vintage book "How to Catch Fish and Make Them Strike" available on honeystreasures shop.

Ok, so he might also be needing a fishing lure...decor or gift I can stare at it all day ummmm Whitman's chocolate!  Fishing lure by teddmacdonah

A good couple of coffee mugs would help ease the cold and enjoy time.  Fishermen Trout and Bass Coffee Mugs by bradgoodell

So what happens if he gets back home and he gets no fish!  Well he can watch at this Hand carved Rainbow trout wall hanging by inspiredbymarie and get more inspiration for next time!

And finally I thought these great Fishing boxes would be nice to decorate his room!  They're small but they look awesome and fit for a fisheman.  Decorative boxes by 4yourlake

I end this post with this quote:

It was nice growing up with someone like you - someone to lean on, someone to count on...someone to tell on!  ~  Unknown

I love you Eduardo!


  1. Great fishing finds! I love those boxes! ~Val

  2. Feliz Cumpleanos a Eduardo!!!!! Happy Happy Birthday!!! May he and his beautiful family always be blessed! Very handsome boys ;). I love everything on the list, it's so cute and very thoughtful!!

  3. Glad you liked it Miss Val and Karina!

  4. Happy Birthday Eduardo
    What a nice blog, thanks for including my fishing lure boxes.


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