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Monday, January 3, 2011

Some more facts

 Starting this New Year I am still finding new facts about myself!

1.  I am very dependable
2.  I hate being late, so I am  hardly late for any appointments
3.  I don't have any tattoos
4.  I am responsible
5.  I don't smoke

It looks like I am advertising myself to find dates but I'm really not!!  I am happily married! lol


  1. Hello Claudia! Thanks for stopping by my blog and thanks so much for reading it. When I got time I translate my posts to english but lately that has not been possible. But my last post is translated. :)
    I love to read and get to know a little bit more about yourself. you seem a very nice person. Should be proud!
    big kiss :)

  2. You forgot to add - A Great Friend!!!! It's great to have you back in blog world Clau missed you. It's always great to learn more about you mi amiga ;) I also hate being late,it makes me nervous! Clau yo puedo ayudarte con el diseno de tu blog cuando quieras me mandas un email y no hay problema, si quisieras un three column blog ;). Love you!

  3. I will send you an email soon! Thank you amiga!


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