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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lots of giveaways!

Well it seems like a lot of giveaways are going on right now!   How fun, maybe this is our lucky day!  I am hosting my very first giveaway and so is my Dear friend Kary from Ramblings Of A Simple Girl  and OMG she is being so generous.  This is what is up for grabs on her giveaway:

A pair of fuzzy soft boots style slippers from Claire's, Bow earrings from Claire's, Feather Necklace from H&M, and a xoxo wallet bought at a thrift store!

And just a quick reminder this is what you can win on mine:
Some pretty handmade Stationery!

So head on over to Karina's Giveaway and stop by my giveaway and sing up!  You don't have nothing to loose... really!  and lots to gain!  Have a beautiful day!

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