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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Broken glasses

My sweet Sophia has been wearing glasses ever since she was a kinder gardener.  I have always taught her to take good care of her belongings .  But no matter how careful she is at least twice a year those precious glasses need to get replaced.  I remember the very first time she came home with her broken glasses in an envelope.  She said "I'm sorry mommy"  with a sad face.  I just hugged her.   We have learned over the course of the years to keep a spare at home 'just in case'.  Of course accidents happen and yesterday she came home with broken glasses again.  She offered to pay for the new pair.  Ain't she the sweetest??  This time a tether ball right in the face ouch!!, next time who knows...time will tell.


  1. I've worn glasses since fourth grade and I remember how easily they could get broken growing up ;) Your darling Sophia, how cute that she offered to pay for her new pair :) Not only did you teach her to take care of her belongings, but you taught her to have a sweet heart :)

  2. awww her putting the glasses in the envelope just warms my heart! same with her offering to pay for them.

    your sophia has great taste-- i love the dark rimmed glasses! :)

    and i whole heartedly agree with my twinkie's last line! xoxoxo

    do post a pic of pretty soph with her new pair?

  3. Thank you Lechuga Girls! yes, she is a sweet heart!

  4. Awwww pobre Sophie I can imagine la preocupacion, thinking how she was going to tell you! But she is a sweetheart like her mom!!! Yes do post a pic of her with her new glasses! Can't wait to see them ;) xoxo

  5. I sure will post a picture kary. Love you!


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