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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What to buy on a Wednesday...

So here I am once again on my "What to buy on a Wednesday" series.  This selection I picked for my lovely niece who is soon to have a Birthday on the 29 of this month.

She will turn 11 and going to Middle School.  Her name is Geome (which is a combination of her dad's name Jorge/George and her mom's name Mariaelena) a truly unique name and suits her perfectly!  Now her parents are now divorced and she is one of those kids that has everything she ever wants or needs.  You know you can't really compete with that so Etsy is the perfect place to find handmade unique gifts. Here we go with the fun stuff!

First of all, I picked this lovely shoulder bag by cliobags It will be great when she starts school.  It is the perfect bag to carry her books, phone, lip gloss and everything else she can think of... plus is very stylish and who doesn't want to look cool in Middle School?

Now she is a very sporty type of girl my brother has taught her well she plays soccer, softball and every other sport you can think of, she enjoys them and is very good at them!  Well she'd be needing a hat for those sunny days here in California so why not make it a nice hat!  I bet every girl in her team would want one like this even the opponents team would want one...this cute hat by Easy123

Ok, you tell me now what tween or teen wouldn't want some bling on her shoes??  Any girl even big girls like me would die for some sparkle...Well this is the perfect pair of converse shoes by glamourtoes and I really think she would love them to death.

Like stated before she has everything in her life and electronics is not the exception of course she needs an iphone case to carry and  protect her valuables from scratches while in style this one here by nimoo seemed to be the perfect one I am not sure if blue her favorite color but it just looked divine don't you think (hey I want a valuable electronic like hers!)

When I give a gift I would like it  to be something special something a person would really appreciate and use.  So I found this great journal by BlueToad it is perfect to jot down her feelings, plans, thoughts and moods I love it! I am so selfish I want one for me also!

Now this one nobody can deny!  we've all had our teenage years and our ultimate idol.  I've heard that Geome has "Bieber Fever" (secret: my daughter told me that)   This cute scrabble tile pendant by dollmaker30721 is the perfect one for her to wear.

So once again Happy Birthday to my lovely niece Geome and good luck in Middle School years!


  1. First of all I want those converse : ) On my wish list... I am such a sneaker girl : )
    She will love everything - I did : )

  2. Oh I know Karina! like I said who doesn't love some bling bling right?? ;)


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