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Friday, August 27, 2010

Fun at Dolce Vita's

Last Wednesday we had so much fun at my dear friends Micaelas blog Dolce Vita on her wanting to know your Wens series.  She asked her readers to send in to her photobooth pictures and to play along we did!  So I thought I shared this picture with you since all of my family is in it.  We had it taken at a Quinceanera (which is kind of like a Mexican sweet sixteen party) in July of this year.  My husbands cousin turned fifteen and had a photoboth for the guest to make a memory album for the Birthday girl and one copy we would keep.  I swear my kids went crazy with it!  I have to admit it was fun with all those props provided.

In this picture:

My husband Javier that of course had to go with the Mexican hat and played silly picking his nose.
My stepdaughter Valeria, typical teenager with the party hat and glasses.
My daughter Sophia with the glamorous look.
My  son Xavi with that weird hat that for some reason loved and even wanted to bring it home.  He didn't!
And finally myself that had to find a hat to cover some of my curls.

One of these days when I get more readers I will do something like this!  Fun stuff!  Have a good weekend!


  1. I LOVED yours because it was your family and the props! :) awesome!!!

    i also love that you always play along sweetie! if you have any suggestions, let me know. ;)

    you are too cute!

  2. Thank you Dear Micaela! Have a great weekend! Let me think, let me think...

  3. I loved these pictures they look like you guys had a blast and beautiful memories with the family is what life is all about : )

    P.S. LOL.... Yes my mom was the same way with us when we grew up she would tell us to clean and than she'd say- stop let me do it I know how to do it : )
    and my son will be the same way sometimes...lol.. so little yet so bossy...

    Have a great weekend : )


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