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Monday, August 30, 2010

Five Facts about me.

Here are five facts about me.  Would you like to share some of your facts?  Any opinions, suggestions, comments, congratulations etc. are very much welcomed!

1.  I love love love chocolate cake.
2.  I have an addiction:  sunflowers seeds, I know salt is bad but unsalted ones just don't taste the same.
3.  I lied on my height on my DL, only by an inch I really am 5' 1"
4.  I love finding bargains and most of the time I buy clearance.  Call me cheap but I love 75% off tags. 
5.   I still pray to God for a miracle, I want another baby.


  1. i love these!!

    #4- my kind of girl! i would love shopping with you ;)

    and that last one... i'm praying with all my heart for you. i believe in the power of prayer xo

  2. I hope you are able to have another baby!

    I relate to number 4 as well. I actually love thrift stores and find the most amazing high quality items that fit and costs next to nothing!!!!

  3. As far as # 5 after my failed in vitro attempt back in Feb. (which was our last attempt) I got a bit depressed and stopped believing in miracles for a while but I know God has his reasons for doing things I pray for a miracle and leave it up to him after all I have three kids already right??

    Well then # 4 it is! Let's go bargain hunting!

    Thanks Dear Micaela and Miss Val.

  4. i used to really dislike chocolate cake, and now i really cannot get enough of it.

  5. Ummm chocolate cake! sometimes it might be too chocolaty but a glass of milk always helps! Thank you Kid!

  6. Chocolate cake!!! Omg!! I am like a fat kid with chocolate cake...Grrrrrrrr...My cake get away....
    I'm 5'2 beat you-lol-
    #4- cheap...querida that is not cheap that is knowing how to shop and find a bargain : )

    #5 Have faith querida....without faith we have nothing....you are in my prayers and you still have time... and like you said everything happens for a reason.. relax and try not to stress about it and when you least expect it, it will happen..

    P.S. When do you want to go shopping? : )

  7. Thank you for your kind words Karina! Let's go shopping anytime! When your in Cali or when I go to the big apple we can go for dessert later ;)


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