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Monday, August 23, 2010

Back to School

Today a new School Year starts for my daughter at Cawston Elementary, she is now going onto third grade.  She is a bit nervous but very enthusiastic.  I remember myself getting very nervous before school started.  Every year even in college I begged to my mom the night before "I don't wanna go" I cried out to her I cried out for her help...the truth is I went to school and  then it all passed, everything was fine.

I was driving to San Diego this past Friday to spend our last vacation weekend at my mom's and visit my father in law.  My daughter loves to write, so she asked me for a pen and started jotting down her feelings on a napkin.  When we got to our destination she showed me the napkin but was hesitant to give it to me.  She later let me have it and said I could read it.  This is what she wrote word by word:

"Dear Family:
I hope that someday we won't fight.  Or at least argue! Someday...I hope someday you'll understand that well I wanna be a rockstar.  And not anything else.  So to make you happy I wont follow my dream at all.  I'll be a rockstar and a teacher.  The bad part for me.  I'll be more time a teacher than a rockstar.  And little time for rockstar.  So there your happy. :( "

On the back side she wrote:

"Dear Family:
You guys really make me a little bit sad.  Cause I really wanted to sing all the time.  But I sometimes sing.  Not all the time.  Oh well I hope you will understand.  And what I did for you."

It just breaks my heart and I love her some more because of the way she is willing to give up her dreams of being a famous rock star to become a teacher just make her parents happy.  Now, we never said be a teacher we've told her first give us a degree and then become a rockstar.  We will see what the future holds for her, I know she will be successful in her choice of career because she is very bright.  Now the truth is she wouldn't  even consider the talent show in school and she is a bit shy to sing in public.  Maybe she can become a writer with all this soap opera drama or she can always sing in the shower like most of us do!  Best of luck to my third grader!


  1. Hope your third grader has an amazing first day of school!!! She has such a big heart and is such a caring little girl to give up her dreams for her family. You raised her right!!! I was very much like her growing up - not the rockstar part, but I LOVED to write! :)

  2. Thank you Marz! yes, she is very caring and sweet I just added this picture of Sophia holding her brother I will see in about four hours!

  3. My daughter just read the post and loves it! oh and she corrected me I meant to say "I will see her in about four hours!


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