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Monday, August 15, 2016

the good the bad and the weekend

Well hey there!  I feel like I am falling behind with this little blog of mine...again 
life is just too busy for me nowadays.  

These past two weeks were hectic.  One being the last week of summer vacation which was spent registering the kids, getting new haircuts, meet and greet new teachers, buying school supplies, getting backpacks ready, buying more schools supplies. 

The other was the first week of school all full of emotions, new teachers, new classes, new friends. Sophie rubbing her freshly applied mascara 5 minutes before we left for school on the very first day!  racoon eye for sure. oh my.  Changing schedules...
Here are more details as how the weeks went:

I adviced Sophie you need to take the map to find your classrooms easily on the first day, "oh no she said I don't want to look like a freshman", 
then freaking out when we were driving to school as she forgot the map :/

Sophia had a dance concert at the Lake Elsinore Storm which is a minor league baseball team in Lake Elsinore, California.  We only made to the 7th inning as Javier and I were super tired.  The kids were having a blast as we spent, most of the game in the picnic area where they could run around as wild horses. Specially Emma!  that girl has wings now :/ 

I lost my phone in the bathroom stalls at the stadium but luckily someone turned it in and I got it back  :)

Sophie had another dance concert this past weekend Super heroes was the theme and it was super fun :)

On the other hand Xavi is now the ruler of the school as stated by him. Next year he goes off the Middle School.  He takes forever to do his hair nowadays, I think he spends more time on it that Sophie does.  He does have a reasoning though. He says that a soccer player besides being a good player must also have nice hair "just look at Ronaldo or Messi" he says, well I gotta say the boy has a point there! :)

Emma has been more vocal lately.  It's so amazing hearing her talk with a language of her own and also with real words.  One of the funniest words is agua (water) that one is too entertaining because she associates drinking and will say agua agua agua agua nonstop whenever she sees someone drinking.  She won't stop saying the word until she gets a sip or an alternative because she will ask for wine or beer too! A couple of days ago she learned to say OK, I often tell her "wait for me OK? OK?" and I make the stop sign gesture. I realized she had learned it when she took off her binky to answer OK to me and made the hand gesture!! that was amazing.  She also mimics reading books she's too funny.

Oh, I almost forgot we had another nail polish incident this time involving Emma, blue nail polish and Sophia's carpet.  sigh. But luckily we survived it all!

This was Emma..."I plead the Fifth about the nail polish incident"

I hope you guys have been good and ready for another week!


  1. Haha! There is never a dull moment in your household, is there? In a couple of weeks the kids will feel settled into their new routine. :) Nail polish on the carpet is quite an oops! It sounds like Emma is continuing to entertain you all.

  2. Emma is growing up so fast! she looks older in this pic! I remember before Kate could talk we would say "I wonder what she is talking about with all that babble" ... once she could talk it was to repeat a word over and over - usually point at something and saying it "bird, bird, bird, bird ..." ha! I love Xavi's soccer rational for all the time in the bathroom on his hair - that is blackmail material for later - LOL!!


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